Our Plan and Vision

We grow Domino’s Pizza in Poland through the roll-out of corporately managed and sub-franchised pizza delivery stores, city by city, region by region.

With Domino’s Pizza know-how, operational standards and training programmes, we ensure the best quality product for our customers. We constantly focus our efforts on ensuring that each of our Stores delivers the best, and hottest pizzas in their neighbourhood, quickly and safely.

Who we are

We opened the first Domino’s Pizza store in Poland on the 28 February 2011 on Bukowińska Street to the south of Warsaw centre. Bukowińska is now one of our most successful and profitable stores, reflecting the simple truth that customer loyalty is built up over time through the consistent on-time delivery of hot, exceptional quality pizza.

Poles love pizza and this is why pizza is the most popular food ordered in delivery, while pizza restaurants are one of the most popular places to spend time with friends and family in Poland.

Domino’s Pizza Poland owns and operates the Master Franchisee Agreement in Croatia. The first store has been opened in Zagreb in 2020 and we are looking forward to many more stores in Croatia.

Our Philosophy

The Domino’s philosophy is simple – every pizza is made from a fresh dough ball and high-quality ingredients. It is baked and delivered piping hot to the customer, within 30 minutes of ordering.

Our Origins

It started in the USA, in 1960, when a man named Tom Monaghan joined forces with his brother James and borrowed $500 to buy a pizza store in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

The pizza store was named DomiNick’s. Their business idea was simple – to deliver hot, freshly made pizza, in as quick a time as was safe to do so. A year after opening, Tom traded his Volkswagen Beetle car for his brother’s share of the store and later renamed the business Domino’s Pizza. Through franchising Tom enabled other people to invest in opening their own Domino’s Pizza store. He expanded the Domino’s chain around the globe, creating the world’s leading pizza delivery business.

The three dots on our logo represent the three stores that Tom originally planned to open, today there are over 11,000 stores worldwide.

Domino’s now has over 5,000 stores in the USA and over 6,000 stores in over 70 countries, as diverse as Mexico, India, Iceland, South Africa, UK, Ireland, Australia, France, Israel, Spain and Japan. In 2010 Domino’s had started our adventure in Poland and since 2022 we operate at 2 markets in Poland and Croatia.